How do I proceed further in programming?

I have been solving practice questions and taking part in CodeChef contests and I have learned a lot while doing so.

If I’m unable to solve a question, I look up for solutions and try to understand it. But there are several questions which I’m not able to solve and the solutions given online are complicated. As a result, I end up never understanding how to solve those questions.

What should be done in that situation?

What do you mean by “complicated”? Do you just give up when you can’t understand something the first time?

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Some questions I tried solving had programming concepts that I had never seen. I sometimes look back to the questions which I used to find difficult earlier and realize how easy they were. Sure, I try to learn the new concepts in the difficult questions. But sometimes those are way beyond my level.

In that case, you should find a method of finding problems to solve that won’t frequently give you ones with impossible-to-learn concepts. What are you doing now?

And how do you determine if something is way beyond your level? I know FFT is crazy math magic and my math is garbage, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn it if I put enough effort in - the same should apply to you with other concepts.