How do i start CP.(please guide me)

Dear codechef people I need some guidelines about how do i proceed my CP?

  1. I know C++ very well.
  2. But I have no good command of DSA, I am just confident in Array, String, Pointer or whatever i have learnt in my C++ course.
  3. So, is it a good idea to do both parallely DSA or CP. (if yes, what should be strategy)
  4. Or I need to focus on my DSA and after some time (probably 1-2 month) will start CP. (if yes, guide me how do i make good command on my DSA in 1-2 month)

There are already many blogs on different platforms for cp beginners and 10s of youtube videos related to same thing. Go check them out.

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Hi @bishen28 .
Since you have a firm grip on Arrays and strings just start solving problems on Arrays and learn concepts along the way. To excel in CP the only way is to practice and practice so learn DS and algo but don’t forget to practice the problems related to the algorithms along the way. Learn better implementation of an algorithm by reviewing the code of a good coder and most importantly upsolve problems after each contest. Hope it helps