How do i start my competitve programming journey?

I have basic knowledge about DSA and wish to start off my CP journey.I participated in one contest till date and wasn’t able to solve more than 2 problems.Any tips for an absolute beginner like me?

Just practice problems and take part in contests.
Practice those problems first for which editorials are present and then slowly increase your level.

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thankyou :smiley:
p.s: i can’t solve questions quickly in short contests, do i just register for them or wait and practice?im not concerned about my rating atm.

Always participate in contest. If after struggling for 1 hour, you think that you are not making progress then go for the editorial, or if problem is from any ongoing contest then leave the contest and try problem after contest is ended.

May be this blog can help you

Just practice problems from different sites, and take part in as many competitions as you can. This is the only way to get better at CP.