How do I upload a problem on CodeChef?

Recently I have received access to upload a problem on CodeChef. I want to know the process of how to do so. Can anyone help me to do so?


Please refer this document for instructions on how to upload problems: How to upload problems on CodeChef directly - Google Docs

Reference links:

[FAQs on uploading problems on CodeChef] 8

Formatting problem statements on CodeChef

Various types of Judges that can be used for a problem

General FAQs


@admin How do I upload already existing problem on codechef to a contest that I want to hold?

why it showing error on submitting answer??

In the Post Script admin has written: “P.S: The time limits apply to the full test file (which can have multiple test cases) and not to individual test cases”

What exactly is meant by test file and test cases??

Have you got access to problem setting page ?
If yes then, what type of error are you getting ?
I have one experience of problem setting… One of the reason could be selecting wrong judge.
Ping me exact error so that I can try to help you.

Email them at with a screenshot. Usually you’d need to ask them for a testing page access before submitting.

how co-author can access my question to edit?

The author should add co-author’s handle in edit problem section of the problem. Note that for doing so, the co-author should previously have the access of the contest page. If he doesn’t have the access, then u need to mail Codechef for the same.

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@nagpaljatin141 can u tell me, how to add author’s name too in a question? Because there are 3 more question setter, so I want to add their name in the author section.

@dbappa Author’s name is the person who created the problem.
For any problem setter(or tester or co-author), U first need to give them the access to the Contest page, by mailing Codechef. For adding author’s problems to the contest page, first the problem author must create the problem, then U need to mail Codechef providing the Problem Code to add them to contest page.

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