How do I win a CodeChef Goodie?

You can simply earn laddus and redeem those for the CodeChef goodies.

You need to win contests for prizes. I mean you get some “Laddus” with which you can buy goodies for free.

I am new here. Is there a different ranklist for Indians or if Indians come first they get the prize money?

Thank you.

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@admin,@vijju123 i fell just top 3 school students in long challenge div 2 is low, i think top 5 might be better due to no of school students in div 2 is much higher when compared no of school students in div 1.
just a suggestion(atleast for indian school students)


Hi, have the prizes for march challenge been distributed ? I have received nothing yet. I last time I got something, it was very quick.

Isin’t it taking very long this time ?


This is with regard to the 100% participation. Will unrated contests like March Lunchtime 2018(LTIME58A) be taken into account for that category?

I wanted to participate in it, but as it was postponed I thought would do it in the practice section. So will my participation streak be reset to zero or not?

For obtaining 100% attendance participation reward, can a user’s participation streak start from Cook Off or Lunch Time?

Or will it start from the beginning of the month, i.e., Long Challenge?

For Example:

If a user is participating regularly from June Cook Off 2017, then can he get 100% attendance participation reward for June Cook Off 2017 to June Long Challenge 2018?

Or will he get it for July Long Challenge 2017 to June Lunch Time 2018?

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Does this mean that user is eligible for cash prize only if he has been in the Top 2 in past?
Or he will get equivalent extra laddus for this?
And if a user has been in the top 2 in div2. And then in the top in Div1 because is not a first timer so he is eligible for cash?

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isn’t the codechef laddu distribution too harsh in div2 long challenge. it should be the same as div1 i suggest.

How to paly

Hello, I ranked fifth in the recent February Cook-Off 2019 Division 2 and by admin’s response to this question, 50 laddus are awarded:

Division 2:
For Global participants
Top 5 from ranklist will receive 50 laddus. Additionally, they get bonus (Bonus = n - contest rank) where 'n' is 6 for short contests.

However, there are no laddus present when I go to the CodeChef goodies page: . Is this a bug, or is there a delay, or am I misinterpreting the prize description?



I got India Rank 3 in Feb 2019 Long Challenge and also my rank was 3 in Top Challenge Scorers in the same contest, how many laddus will I get? 300 or 600


Just wondering how much djdolls would have collected until now :stuck_out_tongue:


@admin , How will we know about the 5 randomly selected participants for the Random Laddus prize category?

If i am not wrong, the “goodies” are now replaced by laddus.

Do we get response on reporting a bug whether the bug is inconsistent or was invalid ?

Or you can ask someone to give you one

Please bring T-shirts in stock.

I think we should also get a Codechef Sticker with a goodie


The main incentive of this is to discourage Div1 school students from purposely falling to Div2 for prizes. I will forward it to see if numbers can be adjusted.