How do I win a CodeChef Goodie?

I think we should also get a Codechef Sticker with a goodie


The main incentive of this is to discourage Div1 school students from purposely falling to Div2 for prizes. I will forward it to see if numbers can be adjusted.

Ok , still what are people going to do with 100 laddus when u get 300 laddus in div 1 and u re performance improves.i Guess those who do that are madY

thanks again!

@dhruvsomani dude, I did not have enough karma points so I asked here, I am new to codechef , what do you want me to do?

I think he wanted you to delete this question once you asked it independently for better health of this thread. :slight_smile:

I had talked with @admin about this the moment this issue occurred and persisted for over 10 minutes. No, it will not be counted, even if it were rated. Contest being unrated for other reasons may be included however.

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@pankaj_chopra I have received 200 laddus for “LTIME58A - Top 5 Random Laddus Division 1”.

So, do they give random laddus? - Yes.

Do they give random laddus to 5 participants after every contest? - I don’t know.

@admin “Top 3 Challenge Scores (except winner) will receive 150 laddus”

  1. What does the div2 winner get?

  2. Will I receive laddus for May Long Challenge div2 as an Indian challenge problem solver? CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone


  1. Div2 winner (School student) will get 150 laddus.
  2. Yes, as you are one of the top 3 Indian challenge problem solver, you will get 150 laddus (as you are not one of the winners).

@bhushan_ What if the winner is not a school student? I can’t find any category in which he falls

@sarthakmanna Winners will always be school students, no matter what rank they are having. So, if a person is rank 1 in div 2 but he is not a school student, he won’t be a winner (though he can claim the top 3 challenge score laddus).

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No, read again. It clearly states that you must do all the 3 contests for 12 months.

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@husker_du, Admin will award laddus of plagiarism check.
For ur information, even January lunchtime laddus have not been awarded yet.

Then people will deliberately come from division 1 to division 2 to earn laddus as it will be a little easier for them in division 2

Are university students elligible to prizes for school students
and are indians also elligible for global prizes or just indian prizes?

No, university students are not eligible for prizes for school students. Indians are eligible for only Indian prizes, not global ones.

I got India rank 1 and global 7 in div 2. Will I be getting anything?

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I was fourth in February cook off and I am a school student but I didn’t receive any laddus.

Even i need goodies … yeah goodiess :slight_smile:

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