How do you place your fingers on keyboard while coding?

This might be trivial issue but I find it quite irritating. I keep my fingers on asdf and jkl; but as you know that we need arrow keys to come out of brackets like this (nums) and so I have to lift my right hand and then click arrow and then back to jkl; . Is there any other way to come out of bracket or do you have any trick you use.
Thank you.


I always use Vim or, if using an IDE for work, a Vim-emulation plugin (such as VsVim for Visual Studio) - I barely know that the arrow keys exist :slight_smile:


I have tried Visual Studio but it takes too much RAM and my PC crashes if I use it. Vim, I have heard is a bit complicated. Better if I find another good alternative or I might as well go with Vim.

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Vim is indeed very complicated to begin with (it doesn’t so much have a “learning curve” as a “learning wall” :)), but after a few days I was editing code more quickly and smoothly than I ever had before - going back to “ordinary” editing mechanisms is almost physically painful :slight_smile:


Okay. I am going to start with Vim editor now. Read a bit on coming out of the parentheses and mostly everyone is suggesting Vim.
Also, some have pointed that if you are inside parentheses and if you want to come out of it, you can just type ending bracket and it won’t create another bracket but rather come outside of it. This is worth knowing.
And yeah, thanks for your suggestion.

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I play games so the fingers on my left hand automatically go on CTRL, A, W, S, D. My right hand is just randomly here and there over the keyboard and I keep changing the positions of my fingers to type. Its not like I have a specific typing style for programming.

I sometimes use Shift, home, end and ctrl buttons cuz they have some useful functions while editing text

Yeah, lol, even I used to play games and that has helped greatly in typing fast. But I prefer the standard finger layout for coding rather than awsd.
Good for you that awsd works fine. Thanks for commenting by.