How fair is the Top Contributors list?

Codechef discuss forum is a very nice community. I have also answered some basic questions on it. But, since past few days I see some people deliberately upvoting all the old answers of their friends so that their friends can go up in top contributors list. It seems like people are more concerned about convincing their friends to upvote their answers than really helping people and learning through the community.

This is not the first time such thing happened, take a look at this thread. This is really frustrating now. Here are the observations since yesterday.

@haresh_kh got more than 20 upvotes : 4 from @adkroxx, 3 from @hm_98, 4 from @deva2802, 3 from @sahil_g, 3 from @tirth14, 2 from @ketanhwr, 1 from @aka38

@hm_98 got more than 19 upvotes : 6 from @adkroxx, 6 from @deva2802, 3 from @haresh_kh, 3 from @sahil_g, 1 from @aka38

@sahil_g got more than 19 upvotes : 5 from @adkroxx, 4 from @aka38, 5 from @hm_98, 5 from @haresh_kh

The most intresting part is they are all from IIT Roorkee. This observation is only since yesterday not full month. Is this fair?


Hey ash_code, We will investigate all these accounts in question, and if we find anything fishy we will take necessary action against all the accounts involved.Thanks for reporting it to us.


I have also seen this many times. And guess what if I downvote a answer which I feel is not upto the mark then that person downvotes me back for no reason. People get a life!


Ok now I have found another fishy activity. This user @sarvagya3943 got most of his upvotes from @alan_123456 who hasn’t solved any problem on Codechef but has karma 71. It seems that he has only registered himself to upvote @sarvagya3943 answers. The minimum karma to upvote was also provided to @alan_123456 by @sarvagya3943. I think they are both the same person having two accounts. It is against the Codechef Code of Conduct. Just look at their karma activity and you will know what is happening.

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How do you know who upvoted whom?

This is happening again now.
@pkien got more than 20 upvotes from @nit01.
@anshal21 got about 10 upvotes from @anmol137dh08 and also about 7 from @saksham2405.
This is not fair. They are all getting upvotes from their friends.

2 or 3 upvotes is fine as their friends sometimes need laddus to ask questions but these people are getting upvotes for coming in the top contributors list.


@mathecodician few days ago I informed admin about this issue and they said they will look into this matter, but they haven’t done anything yet, although you can mail them at

user @an2609 has got total 18 upvotes from @vinay_goel21, @prrateekk, and @ishan_nitj and 10 upvotes from @kapoor_rakshit and all of them are from same college.


Hey All, we will look into all these cases and will take necessary action. However, we would strongly recommend to report any such instances through email with some concrete evidence, rather than posting them on the forum it will help us look into the issue in a better way.


Again now @arpit728 ‘the top contributor of last month’ was voted a lot by @saksham458. About 5-6 times in one minute. It is again happening now.


If the admin has said they will look into the matter, leave it to them. Why is everybody going on doing their own investigation and taking names? It is not correct to take names on a public platform. Grow Up.

This is very unfair.

Open Codechef Discussion profile then see ‘karma history’.

Yes. Just open ‘karma history’ and you will know.

Some of the users who upvoted have not solved even 1 problem on codechef. They might be the same person.

Also all these upvotes are within like 15 minutes so it’s not a coincidence.

@admin please see.

It turns out that @pkien only upvoted @nit01 answers for him to upvote @pkien.

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also @an2609 got more than 10 upvotes from @kapoor_rakshit and @vinay_goel21 all are from same university. @admin please look


Do you know the e-mail id of codechef discuss so I can mail them.

They get 20 upvotes answering 10 questions whereas I have answered more than 50 questions for coming in the top contributor list. All the hardwork goes waste like this.