How is code submitted during ZCO?

Once you have written your algorithm, how exactly would you submit it to the system? Would you submit it to the online code chef system or would it be local? And the most important question of all, could you know whether your solution was accepted or not?

You write your code and submit your code on the codechef platform just like any other normal contest.
Your solution runs on preliminary testcases which are weak. After the contest is over, they would run your solutions on stronger testcases, and based on the judgement given by those testcases, you will receive a score.
eg: You might receive 75 in prelim tests and 25 in real tests, (This happened to me).

Note: The preliminary testcases are provided to you in a file, so you can run your code locally on them to check the verdict faster. But be sure to submit your final solution on the codechef platform. You might want to learn some terminal commands for this as well!

All the best!

@rishik123 could you please give more information regarding terminal commands in Linux and that which distro of Linux will be provided to us? The help would be much appreciated.

Last year we were provided with Ubuntu 16.04 (most probably).
Message me on Facebook. I will provide you with a document that covers the terminal commands required.