How is it possible that a problem is partially accepted in python?

When the only think that changed is the size of input, which has no effect in python, and when i looked in all submissions a lot of people have partially accepted solution for same problem…and to clarify it say WA not TLE…

what are you trying to say?

we don’t have any restriction of size of input in python, then how is it that a solution is only partially accepted, when only thing that gets changed is the size of input in different subtasks

By size of input do you mean size of integer??

Oh boii!!
You have your logics incorrect.
There is no restriction of input in any language. Python can handle large numbers well. Cpp can handle them by using long long or if it is tooooooo loooooong, we can handle them by strings.
Taking input has no relation with complexity of the solution. Say if n= 10^{7}, O(n) solution will work and O(n^2) will not work. O(n^2) can work for smaller inputs, say, n=10^4. I recommend you working on basic knowledge of Big-Oh notation and Time Complexity of an Algorithm.
Again, Taking input has no relation with time complexity of the algorithm.


thanks for your efforts

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