How is this wrong ? please help! (PLAYSTR)


You are not reading in the binary strings a and b correctly (hint: scanf("%d",&x) reads an entire int at a time, not just a single digit from an integer).

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hello sir, what can i do to correct this error ?

Read the bits a character at a time, and convert to 0 or 1 as appropriate.

For example, for reading a (I suck at C, so it there’s a better way, please let me know):

                char bitChar;
                scanf(" %c",&bitChar);
                a[j] = bitChar - '0';

See e.g.


C++ solution, just for fun :slight_smile:


thanks a lot !

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There is a better way. You can use a string input
char A[500]
scanf("%s", &A);

and then subtract ‘0’ from each input.
I used to study C years ago but as far as i remember this takes a string input as long as there is no space in between.