How Kotlin Works on CodeChef


I am curious to know about how the online judge runs Kotlin programs on CodeChef?

Kotlin used to be a purely JVM-based language. But earlier last year, the JetBrains team created a compiler that allowed Kotlin code to be compiled into executable files on Linux, Windows, and MacOSX platforms (read more here). They call this Kotlin/Native, but for the purposes of CP, it’s just a change in the compiler.

My question is this:
As of now, does the online judge compile Kotlin submissions into .class files and run them on a JVM, or does it compile Kotlin submissions into executable files using the Kotlin/Native compiler? If we are not using Kotlin/Native compiler right now, are there any plans for doing so in the future (thus making Kotlin as viable an option as C++ for CP)?

I think as of now the kotlin compiler used in codechef compiles the kotlin files into .class files and then runs it on JVM.