How many Indian students who joined college in 2017 are 1800 and above on Codeforces

Just wanted to find out a rough figure for next year acm icpc purposes, and please read the question carefully, its codecorces, not codechef.

I personally know more than 10(including 2018 joinees) , so many (100-200 ) (No figure to support it though :sweat_smile:) would be a fair estimate .

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I guess 180-200 at least …

dude, your college has only 6 people above the rating of 1800. please read the question carefully, i asked codeforces, not codechef

Hi panik/Watson1725 :joy: ,
Yeah so how is it necessary that if my college has only 6 people , i cant know people outside my college?:sweat_smile:

Also , a couple of my friends haven’t mentioned their college in their profile (it maybe so with more people), so that also changes the figure a bit.

I told you my logic for estimating it above 100 as i know 11 people to be precise (only Y17 and Y18) , so there surely can be more in whole of India.

That being said I maybe wrong and moreover I dont think it matters much also :sweat_smile: . Still you can disagree based on your experience/presumptions, I would love to know where do you estimate the figure though.

Ps: ik its codeforces , not codechef (you made it pretty clear in the question as it is :stuck_out_tongue:)

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you may be right I guess then.

Whats the point of this question?


jst for data analysis may be
but it wont help on large scale
may be u shld be concerned abt ur colg only for ACM

Can you elaborate on this point? Seems I missed something.

If your purpose is ICPC. Then reword your question to -
“How many Indian colleges have at least one (or 2) (or 3) student who joined the college in 2017 are 1800 and above on Codeforces”.

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i meant he shld only compete with his colg guys
as round 1 is based on performance within colg only

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Just check the cf ranklist and find their linkedIn accounts :slight_smile: