How many of you participated codevita this year?

I solved 2 problems by just knowing basic c++ language and a little bit competitive coding skills
worried about interview will TCS going to give chance for interviewing this year ?

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Wait for sometime u get to know , and if u r in final.year then they call u otherwise not.

How to try the problems after contest?

So basically there is nothing for 3rd year students ?

There is internships for 3rd years

Wait. our exam is on 15th Aug for zone 2.

yes bro

yes. and what if the student is in 2nd year?

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I don’t think TCS provides internships

This year TCS offered me internship based on my last year’s Codevita Pre-Qualifier results.

last year did u get the offer

In which year you were when TCS offered you internship and on which position

It does. Few seniors have got internships this year after performing well in Codevita

yeah i am asking in which year they were and on what position they were given internship

They were in 3rd year and the position offered was Software developer

@hash16 @chef_ka_baap
At the end of my 3rd year, I was offered internship for SDE role. :slightly_smiling_face:

you cannot TCS websites but you can find the Q by searching on google

thats relief man thanks