How many top contributors receive codechef laddus each month?

I already mailed them 3days ago. But they are just ignorant about that fact.

Which id did u mail?

TRy AND (please confirm exact spelling from the “Contact us” webpage)

May i please know… is @wickedknight worth those laddus? He is the 2nd top contributor in June 2020, but please look at his replies, can they really be considered as a contribution to codechef community?
Edit : The topmost liker of @wickedknight , @trial_codes is his own second account ( or they both have cheated), Just checked EOEO submission on both the id’s, EXACTLY SAME. Don’t know about the rest.


Woah. Something seems really odd about this.
Please note that these are partially accepted CONTEST solutions.
trial_codes’s submission.
wickedknight’s submission.
Even the comments are untouched.
@admin please look into this. Either they have cheated, or it is an alternate account.
It is a shame if @wickedknight cheats. He gets a lot of likes from threads about users cheating.
Some of his comments in threads related to cheating:

  2. Community for same level programmers.
    In the 2nd thread, his alleged alternate account @trial_codes can be seen giving his number to be added in the very same group which @wickedknight heavily criticizes.
    It is a matter of shame to the CodeChef community if cheaters become top contributors. What impression do they leave on the others?

True… I was just thinking about making a new topic for this. Seriously how can itbe possible for @trial_codes to like every single post( yah, no matter how trivial). It’s obvious that he’s cheating. @admin please look into this.

Thanks for reporting. wickedknight, trial_codes and raghavpamel have been perma banned.
Though top contributor laddus had been cancelled long back.


Do Div. 2 long contest Indian top 3 do not get laddus? :slightly_frowning_face:

I think @saurabhshadow and @anon41562081 is also suspicious. Around 100 posts are liked by @anon41562081 of @saurabhshadow. @admin look into this.

What can be the reason? Do top contributors get Laddus? Admin said they had been cancelled long back.

Rightly said. I was sick of seeing useless comments by @wickedknight all over the front page.

@anon41562081 is friend of mine. I literally told her to like my post. :sweat_smile:

wondering whether that comes under karma farming too?

Man!! :joy:

I’m being honest bro… :upside_down_face:
Edit: I wanted to know if its a crime. @vijju123

I think it should not be a crime :grimacing:

@admin Waiting for your reply.

That is unacceptable and a clear violation of commonsensical forum rules. But since you have accepted to doing this, we will be lenient and only suspend both the accounts from Discuss for a week.

Ok. Thanks for replying! @admin
Bye Codechef Community!
Well, I really helped people when needed, and may be I was also being funny at times when needed.
But I didn’t knew about this rule, where I told my friend to like my posts would be against community guidelines.

Hope you guys, enjoyed it!! :pray: