how much problem i need to solve in order to get point in contest?

in last unrated contest i submitted 2 problems and it did accepted successfully. so my question is that in rated contest will my rating get decrease if i only able to solve 2 problems? or in code chef we get rating based on only accepted successfully problems and rank will not get decrease if you don’t attempt the other problems

NOTE : i’m not rated yet i have just started with code chef. i’m form div 4. and i just passed 12th and i’m only able to code in c only.

Hey @manan7004 , I would suggest you to first go and read this article on the types of contest that codechef organises.

Then my suggestion will be that learn the basics and fundamentals of C . But for competitive programming , It will be a little tough to continue with C as it does not have many features. So then go and learn C++ fundamentals and data structures like arrays, strings, vectors, maps. And then take part in each and every contest . After 5-10 contests , your rating will be clear to you.

1)Starters are easy and getting a rank under 1000 will most probably increase your rating.
2)Infact getting a rank under 1000 will increase your rating till you reach 1650 or something.
3)After that , you will have to get a rank of under 500-600 to keep your ratings increasing.

Just keep in mind to solve as many questions as possible and get a good rank. But focus more on your problem solving skills than just the ratings.

Also , beware of Long challenges as there you can have a good rating like 100 or 200 but still your rating could drop because of the huge number of submissions in the long challenges. So don’t get surprised even if you get a good rank in long challenge as its rating will depend on the number of correct solutions. But for other contests, the above tips can be applied easily.


@varun_saini thank you for this detailed info this will help me a lot and again thank you very much.