How much time it takes to become 4 star?

I’ve been doing leetcode only. I want to try CodeChef and excel. How much time it will take for me to become a 4 star? How much time should I dedicate daily to practice CC problems? Where can I practice and how can I practice?
Kindly help.


It depends on your performance in Contests. You should top (maybe stand in the top 100 in short contests) at least 2 contests to become 4*. If your performance is just above what is expected, your rating increases but very little. This way, it may even take 3 - 4 months to cross 1800. See my graph for example.
Screenshot from 2021-04-28 08-26-56

The 5th and 6th dots signify good performance, due to which I reached 4* in just two contests. But unfortunately, my performance was not up to the mark in the next contest (7th dot). I fell back to 3*. Note that to reach the same position (4*) again, it took me 15 contests (around 5 months).

It depends on your performance in a contest. So regularly participate in contests and simultaneously solve practice problems. It would not take much time to become 4*.


I think 4 to 5 months of full dedication is required .
But the most difficult part came up in moving 4 star to 5 star