How players are rated on codechef events ?



Just wanted to know how players are rated on codechef. Just came across September 2017 long challenge ratings and happened to find some low scorers being rated little more than high scorers.Does this mean codechef takes previous contests ratings into account or some other factors.For example (Only for example sake.I don’t have anything to do with these guys) Jtnydv25 have secured better place than rajat1603 in this September long challenge but have been rated comparatively less than latter.Is this because of rajat’s previous overall ratings?


Yes, previous ratings and performance is taken into account. You are given an “expected rank” on basis of them. If you get a better rank, you rating increase, else decrease.


Well, the users, their rating as well as the stability of their rating is taken into account to find out how you will perform in a rated contest, finding out your expected rank, which is then compared with your actual performance…

If your performance is better than expected, you gain ratings, else you lose ratings.

You may read about codechef ratings in details Here if you wish to…

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