How should I ask questions

I searched the previous questions on Codechef and found What kinds of questions can I ask here?. This provides us with what kind of questions to ask. But I would also like to get a better more detailed version of it with more specifics. For example, let us take Stack Overflow , it is a great Question and answers site for programmers because it has a well defined Help Center giving all the required details like what kind of questions should be asked, what should not be asked, how should I ask, and a lot more info for the users to follow. Now, I was unable to find such info on codechef.

I have been frequently encountering questions with " Getting wrong answer on < a question > . Here’s my code. How to solve it ? ". Now I feel that this is not much of a great question ( atleast it’s considered bad on Stack Overflow ). They should at least have given a bit more details. This question I found on codechef is related, but has not had any further movement Please frame questions properly

So I would like to ask for some guidance on how to ask good questions so that we know what sort of questions we can ask here, and following a few simple guidelines will help users ask questions which can be easily answered.

This would help us a lot. We are given the right to report ( or flag ) questions or answers, but there is no guidance on what should be reported and what not. The only questions I know should be flagged are questions relating to ongoing contests.

It would also be really helpful to have guidelines on voting, such as when to upvote or downvote.

I found a related link How to use this forum? , but that doesn’t specify everything.

I found the question about comments When should I comment & when shouldn’t I ? , but admin just redirects us to Stack Overflow . I believe codechef should have it’s own set of rules and regulations, like Stack Overflow’s Help Center

So I request the moderators and admin to provide a good detailed Help Center for codechef like the one on Stack Overflow to help us improve the codechef discuss.


I have searched Codechef to see if there is any guidance on this, but have not yet found it. If you know of this question beeing asked before, please feel free to mark this as a duplicate.

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Read this and this.

NOTE : One important thing do not ask any question seeking any kind of help from any ongoing contest. Problem statements are clear. :slight_smile:


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I have question…for any given string like…Mindtree is in marathahalli… we have to count the score of each word in a given string for repeated character in each word …whose score is more that word is printed…

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I think as long as your questions are to the point and the required details are provided you are good to go



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I have a question to solve. Can anyone help me.
Tanya has recently launched a new company producing a very tasty version of Indian traditional drink called Lassi.
It has become very popular so there are a lot of customers who want to buy it. Recently she prepared L liters of Lassi ready to sell. Moreover, marketers sent her a list of L integers corresponding to prices for which bottles of sizes 1, 2, 3, _, L can be sold.

Since Tanya is good at producing drinks, but not good in algorithms, she needs help to get the maximum possible profit. In more details, you have to decide what is the maximum profit she can get by producing bottles from available L litres of Lassi and selling them to customers for prices given by the marketer. Notice that Tanya can produce any number of bottles of any integer size in a range [1,L], however, she gets money only for bottles full of Lassi.

In one test file, task is to handle T instances of the above problem.


1<= T <= 10
1<= L <= 10000
price for any bottle is a positive integer not greater than 10^6.

Input format:

In the first line, there is one integer T denoting the number of cases to solve. Each of theses test cases is given by 2 consecutive lines. In the first of them, there is a single integer L denoting the number of available liters of Lassi. In the first of them, there is a single integer L denoting the number of available liters of Lassi. In the second one, there are L integers denoting the prices for which bottles of sizes 1,2,3 … L can be sold.

Output format:
In one line, output the maximum profit which Tanya can get by selling L liters of Lassi for given prices.

Sample Input

2 5 6

Sample output

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