How should I learn DSA?

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Recently I have started CP. I’m giving contest at CF, AtCoder and CodeChef. I have trying for 1+ month in CP. Didn’t see that much improvement tho. I’m not demotivated. But I’m confused about how should I practice. What should I practice. Should I learn the DSA first then try solving problems or Solve some Pbs and learn DSA along the way. Please share your journey and valuable tips to help me.

Thanks in advance.

I just also started 2 months ago.

CodeChef offers this Online Coding Practice Problems & Challenges - CodeChef section to get rookies (like us) into Competitive Programming. There’s from practice DSA, to specialized sections to get used to specific problems we could find in a contest. It’s useful to not only solving the problem. After I solve them myself, I look into hints, the videos CodeChef makes, and other submissions to learn how to deal with specific problems, that end up being not that many.

I can’t say anything with a 100% assurance but I can however tell you what i did initially and what worked decently enough for me.
Start out DSA by following Luv Babbar’s playlist on youtube. In 30-32 videos, you will be good to go with basic problems till 1400, 1600 range.

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hey @echo_eclipse ! have you tried doing LeetCode? I would suggest you to solve some easy problems of leetcode first, you can try solving medium problems too!

If you have any doubts related to any data structure or algorithm you can check it out on hackerearth to get more info about it!

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Solve this sheet as a beginner: CSES - CSES Problem Set - Tasks

After this sheet, you will easily get 3 star, then, follow these codechef resources:

  1. 1600 to 1800 difficulty problems Programming Practice Problem Course Online - CodeChef
  2. 1800 to 2000 difficulty problems Programming Practice Problem Course Online - CodeChef
  3. 2000 to 2500 difficulty problems Programming Practice Problem Course Online - CodeChef

Or, you can choose: TLE Eliminators
These are some good resources to learn cp

These resources are for practising, you should have basic knowledge of data structures before starting, which you can learn from a youtube channel (which I personally don’t prefer) or Learn Data Structures and Algorithms | DSA Tutorial - GeeksforGeeks

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