How should one proceed with starting data structures and algorithms for cp?

I have just recently started cp. I can solve implementation problems but not the ones involving use of ds or algos. How can I proceed from here?Should I keep on practicing problems or start reading algos and data structures from CLRS,gfg?

Did you try to google first? There are tons of answer on this by top coders.


Yes I did but most of them focus on suggestions on starting from scratch. I want to know the best way to master DSA

I myselves don’t know much. The best way though is to stop worrying much and just upsolve problems. Participate in contests. Check all the editorials. You’ll learn many new things each contest. New algos, new data structures. This is more than enough!


this post is from legend itself google hash code winner this post will give you road map
and he created data structure and algorithms free course ejoy it have fun bro

This guy is a beast . :upside_down_face: