How to access the expired course recording?

How to get access to the course recordings whose validity has expired. I had enrolled in a course which was having lifetime validity at that time but recently its validity has been changed and I didn’t notice it. Yesterday, when I felt that I need the help of one of that course recordings but I couldn’t access it because it was already expired. Now how can I get access to those recordings?

Hi @madcoder51 :wave:

Can you please help with the link to the course you’re trying to access?

I can’t because the link has been blocked :smiling_face_with_tear:

Erm… can you share anything that helps understand which link you’re referring to?

It was the course named “Rise from 3star to 4star” which happened on “7th-13th February”. The course was taken by Yogesh Yogendra Sir.


We’ve discontinued free learning camps as you already know. To get access to the content again, you will have to visit Learn CP | CodeChef and enrol yourself