How to avoid getting caught in Plagiarism

Hello Everyone, recently i started to get worried that the code which i write in local VSCode and submit it into the contests might get categorised into plagiarised code. Because i keep my code simple and crisp and use the widely used variables like “i,a,b,c,” and “Scanner sc” and the way i take inputs are also in a common tradition way, this might be the case with many more coders who use the similar variables, similar input collections and all. And also the logic of some questions might be straightforward and many many people’s solutions might look alike and with the common crisp coding practice of mine, is there any chance of me being wrongly accused of plagiarism?

My concern is,(other than changing variable names) you guys have any idea/suggestions on how to make sure my code is unique/different from the routine coding practices we do so that i do not end up wrongly accused for plagiarising others code.

And also the logic of some questions might be straightforward and many many people’s solutions might look alike

Plagiarism checks are not done for these kind of problems whose logics are starightforward . For example , if the problem involves finding the sum of divisors of a number , then its very obvious most would have the same code.


ohkk cool, but to my other question, how do i make my local code unique to myself other than renaming the variable names, do you have any suggestions on that?

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If you are not involved in any cheating, the simplest thing is to just literally forget that there is a plagiarism check going on. The worst case scenario is that you’ll be a case of false positive and get an email saying that you’ve been found having similar code as someone else, and you’ll get a window of time to appeal against it. You just have to send an email, and you’ll be removed from the cheaters list in a couple of days with no side effects whatsoever.

Do not worry about making your code unique - you might end up obfuscating your code which is not good.


what kind of advice is that ?

What will happen if anyone get caught in plagiarism in an unrated contest. And where we have to appeal if this happens in future.

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A simple answer: “Don’t give contests for ratings.”

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What actually happening is and which happened today aswell the starters 25 contest, the solutions were out on youtube like 1 or 30 mins into the contest. And we worked so damn hard off to get into the 4th question and solve it while someone putting it on youtube and everyone copying from it, and just in case if we get trapped into this plagiarism it wouldn’t be fair for candidates like us right. I just have one suggestion before directly declaring it as plagiarised look into the submissions we made in the problem.

Appreciated & agreed! <3