How to be good at codechef

hello folks,
I am very new to CodeChef and codeforces. I am from a tier 3 college. there np one knows what to do in order to get a good placement. now after all my research, I came to know cp and dsalgo are most important. currently, I am in 3rd year. I am very worried about this. could you please give me some tips on how I can grow, how I should practice? I am a very beginner to competitive programming. I also want to grow at cf. Can you suggest some places from where can I get good questions like some ladder to start with or suggest some YouTube channel? And one more question when should I start giving contest?

Please help me with this.

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Yay start giving contests.You can try codeforces problem set ,sort them in descending order of submissions and solve them or you can try a20j ladder also.

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If your focus is just for placements start with Leetcode- top 100 liked problems. When you solve all of those start giving contests on Codechef and Codeforces.

i don’t know but i heard quality of a2oj ladder get decreaser and outdated.

no sir i want to be at cp. suggest some think. As i told i am from a tier 3 college ratings will help me a lot to get a good job so i want to prepare well then i want to start giving contest please suggest me something.

you rating graph is very impressive . suggest me something how can i get 4 5 * in 5 6 months.

If you want to really improve at coding,competitive programming,international competitions like ICPC,CodeJam,Hackercup,etc. then go for short contests on codechef,codeforces,atcoder and topcoder.

If you just want a good rating at codechef(and not really improve), then only give Long Challenges of Codechef. There is massive amount of cheating in Long Challenge and you can get solutions easily too, so rating increases easily.

Example of 5* coder on Codechef not able to solve div2-1st-question : CODECHEF LONG OCTOBER20B PLAGIARISM SPRINT HOUR
And asking for every problem’s solution till he gets some 150ish rank in Div-1,also has a market of selling solutions.

You will never see such trend on any other OJ. Cheating is so rampant that coders have become too weak.

And don’t get inspired from people having good rating only due to Long. Thats a blackhole.


understood got it sir
but can you tell me some place where i can practices systomatically.

Start from hackerrank. Easy implementation problems. Then shift to codeforces A-B. Then start attending contests on Codechef + Codeforces. After every contest, solve atleast 1 problem which you could not solve. Whenever you encounter a new algo/trick , learn it and note it down somewhere. So you remember.

Thats how I started. Now I am a Candidate Master on codeforces.

All the best!


then you can use codeforces solely.

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yes, sir thank you for your suggestion. sorry for talking about the ratings but as I mentioned I am from a tier 3 college I think rating will help me to get attractions for jobs. to be honest, i am very scared because I have only one 9 10 months in my hand. I am in 3rd year.

sir, could you please provide your mail or something so that I can get clarified about cp and time and other things. please, sir.

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I will give you a small plan which I followed:

  1. Try to solve at least 100 easy tagged problems on Hackerrank. It will give you good command over syntax.
  2. Start participating in Codechef and Codeforces contests on a regular basis even if you fail miserably in it. Always upsolve the contest.
  3. Start doing a20j ladder for each difficulty i.e A, B, C, and so on.
  4. Solve harder problems once you are good with implementations.
  5. Don’t look for ratings for at least 3-4 months.
  6. Try finding a friend who could do CP with you. That’s why it is called “Competitive” Programming.

Have FUN!!