How to become a good coder?

Hello guys , I just want your suggestions how to improve in following things :

  1. How to improve logic building ?
  2. how to learn data structure and algorithms ?
  3. After learning DS and Algo how to implement them on questions ?

There are so many answer available on google but i want your suggestions how to improve ?
I am suffering from same ?
**Every professional is a beginner **

So do u want advice frm only professionals or other people can help too
coz ur title doesn’t seems welcoming

Sorry lemme change that

At first, you will give up on more problems than you will solve but don’t get discouraged and learn whatever is taught in the editorial. Just google anything ( even a single word ) that you don’t understand in the editorials.

Don’t give up on problems too easily though. I would suggest you take part in Long Challenges here on codechef. That way, you get a lot of time to think. You can spend a week on a single problem if you have to. Look at all the problems and don’t give up trying to solve a problem at all in Long challenges.

For a collection of well known/beginner problems, you can try ladders.

Last advice I can give you is find someone who is interested in competitive programming too. Your profile says you are home schooled so you can find someone in your neighbourhood. This will help you tremendously.


did it for u
psaini72 said Long challenges are good to get started
you 10days to learn new things to solve a prob
Its fun to learn when theres a reward
Dont jst target 7*. Your aim shld be to become a better programmer
I hav seen people jst participating in contests. They make same score everytime coz they dont learn new stuffs. Always solve 2 probs which you were not able to solve during contest


Thank you so much I will definitely try that .

I can guarantee you that 7-star is a hard job. But can be done if someone wants it bad enough