How to become a good coder?

The new people who come here, they think that a good coder knows all the algorithms and data structures, and this is what is different between them and the good coders.

Is this reasoning true?

The answer is NO. It isn’t that a good coder knows all the algorithms and data structures. A good coder doesn’t know all the algorithms and data structures. But what they know, they know how to implement a tricky question on that algorithm and data structure. So it is important to practice problems. Even when you don’t get the solution, see the editorial, understand what you are missing out, and keep it in your mind the next time. That is the golden rule of coding.

Did they practice a level above their standard every day?

NO. They have their own pace. Some level up every week, while some every month. So if you feel that you level up every month, it is okay. Many people have that pace.

I performed very badly in the previous contest. My rating has dropped by >100 points. Does that mean I cannot be a good programmer?

This is what new coders feel. Is it a reality? A 7-star coder, like @tmwilliamlin, will DEFINITELY say a NO to this. There are times when you perform badly in contests. Everyone faces this phase multiple times. But they NEVER GAVE UP. Maybe it is an alarm which says, you need to practice more on this particular algorithm. But, after performing badly in a contest, never let your morale go down. Say to your inner self, next time I will perform better, and beat my highest rank/rating/coding competitor.


I agree, just because you know advanced algorithms and data structures doesn’t mean you can solve ad-hoc problems.

Luck is definitely a factor within contests, so rating drops are normal.


well said brother.motivating!!! :smiley:

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Thank You @aryan12, your words are very motivating.

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