How to become expert on codeforces from newbie or pupil

i have tried really hard but i can not cross 1200 rating on codeforces, people make fun of me. please tell me how to improve…

I was unable to solve more than 1 question today on codeforces, please guide me


Solve problem out of your comfort zone. If your rating is 1200 then solve 1300 points problem :slightly_smiling_face:


Stay away from them


Take time to adjust to codeforces.
Don’t look ratings for initial contests(~10).
Then try to increase it gradually.


To be honest, that doesn’t help. My rating is like 1616 in cf, and I solve 1900-2000 problems in practice. The thing is I can’t implement it during my contest, and thats the reason why my rating is so low. I did very badly this contest(solving only 2 problems), but still my rating will increase by 30. (I am using cf predictor which is quite accurate). Usually right now, I up solve div 2D, but couldn’t solve C today. The main thing which matters is implementation DURING the contest. And yes, if you see my rating graph, I was also newbie/pupil in the immediate stages, and slowly have become expert.


I think solving a letter above your most probable letter is the best strategy


Yeah, true. I rarely can’t solve C, thus I up solve D only. I don’t know why C was so tough, waiting for the editorial to upsolve that and D together!

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It happens, not all days are your best days :slightly_smiling_face: you’re doing great given your age

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same here bro … but try your best :slight_smile:
word hard , harder , hardest :slight_smile:


Can you give your profile link?

Honest advice : solve a2oj ladders

Start from the easiest ladder and complete 2 ladders, I am sure you will cross 1200 if you solve just 2 ladders completely.

And DURING contest have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve.
To reach 1200 , you need to be able to solve just 2 question (in 2 hours) , so take your time and don’t rush.

And most importantly, when it comes to practice, the quality of questions matter more than the quantity of questions. So keep that in mind.

Best of luck Bro, Hope you reach expert soon.


Nice XD

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Bhai aapka contest to best rha :smiley:

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Can you guide me as I see something great in your advice!! My profile is:—
My Cyan Profile
//My moto is also to become expert and then maintain it in future…


can you tell me which ladder you say first two?

and how many problem(count) do you suggest to do daily.
does first two ladder contain dp ,backtracking like question…

It depends. You can check the actual problemset in codeforces, and sort by rating over there. You can also put tags like dynamic programming, dfs and similar etc. For technique specific problems I will suggest to do it from codeforces directly, and for rating specific, you can do from the a2oj ladders(which ever rating you want to do).

does first two ladder contain dp ,backtracking like question

I really don’t think so. But if it does, it will be like very easy(even for you) or can be done in greedy. So for this, I would recommend you to chose problems from the codeforces problemset itself.

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for improve my problem solving so i should do it by tags not by ladders

I would say a yes. Because you can search in codeforces by tags and the difficulty level also. In case you don’t know, I am gonna show you.

Click Here

You can type this url in your computer, or just search codeforces, and then go to problemset in it.

In the right hand side, click on “Add Tags” and if you want to solve dp problems, then add that tag. There is no tag for backtracking and recursion. Some come under “constructive algorithms” while you can understand that recursion comes with dp, etc.

Click twice on the thing I circled to filter problems in ascending order.