I’d like to apologise in advance for the semi-clickbait, this is pretty blatant self promotion.

The one question I’m sure grandmasters are tired of answering and pupils are tired of asking is - “How do I become good at competitive programming?”. This post is my answer to the question.

The best way to get good at any sport is to imitate a professional - the best way to get good at football is to watch Manchester United (Yes, I said United), and I believe that the best way to get good at competitive programming is to learn and imitate the techniques of good programmers.

When I started competitive programming, the only way to do this was to sift through submissions for difficult CF/CC problems and look at how yellow/red programmers had solved them. While this was educational, it was always irritating and difficult to decipher templates and random variable names. However, CodeChef has given you all a better way to experience this.

My top 50 submission for the CodeChef Creator Contest was a video editorial for CHEFDAG from the March 2020 Long Challenge. Throughout the course of my video, I show you my methodology for approaching a problem. I show you how to break down problems on relatively advanced topics into simple, solvable parts. Most importantly, I show you how to analyse the properties of complex data structures & algorithms, and how to manipulate them to solve unique problems.

Memorising the code for every algorithm and every data structure is redundant if you can’t solve the problem. Through this video, viewers should ideally learn techniques that they’ll never find in any textbook or classroom. I hope that you guys watch my video and learn from it. If you guys have any doubts or feedback then please feel free to contact me at the details below:

Instagram: Aggu_01000101
CodeForces: Aggu_01000101
Email Address:

Link to my video:

Another brilliant video by someone else:

Happy Coding.

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orz AA knows that he’s actually GM level. Thanks for sharing my video too!

Hm you are assuming that I am tired of answering (which I am not).

Of course I’d share, great video mate!

Hm you are assuming that I am tired of answering (which I am not).

Some GMs are never tired of answering!

as a GM, you get tired quick, trust me

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Orz orz orz