How to become more better in competitve programmer?

I learned C++ and I am quite confused about the algorithm and data structures.
Can anyone offer me a roadmap? plzzzzz

Hi @zhpy3699

I hope you’re doing well, as the old saying goes

Practice makes you perfect,

Here are a few things that you can do to get started

  • Compete with lakhs of people in CodeChef’s rated contests Contests
  • Refine your skills by learning more about concepts and more at our YouTube Channel CodeChef
  • If you aren’t able to solve it yourself, try posting your doubt’s at CodeChef’s Discuss and get help from experienced programmers CodeChef’s Discuss
  • Accelerate your journey by taking part in a Learning Camp and get guided by a Mentor! Learning Camp

Feel free to tag/reach out to us in case of any difficulties, I promise we’ll try our best!

Hope you have a wonderful journey ahead!