How to break the server when it has already been broken

Unfortunately, that was a self goal! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was only there for the initial two minutes, but fixed later. Please hard refresh the page and let us know if it still exits.

Logged out multiple times :slightly_frowning_face:


Try refreshing?

yup it works after 5 to 10 refreshes :laughing:

WTH , again logged out :slightly_frowning_face: @admin

When you are automatically logged out, you would receive a pop-up saying the reason. If you got that alert, what did it say ?

and if i refresh same page again it says -
The page you’re looking for used information that you entered. Returning to that page might trigger a repetition of any action you took there. Do you want to continue?

after click yes -

I tried to update and restart. Then everything flew away …

So you’re saying after manipulating your local machine, Codechef servers worked fine. huh?