How to check a number is decimal number or whole number in c/c++?

Hi all I need a solution that how to check a number whether it is a decimal or whole number. I had checked this in google but the solutions are in Javascript, Php,Html. I need the solution in c/c++ .

Give an example for more clear -

1400 is a whole number
189.999 is a decimal number likewise

void check(long double n){
   if(ceil(n) == floor(n))

Any doubt ? @sreesayi

The above code snippet fails here.

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Best would be, take the input as string. Now check if β€œ.” is present in the string, its a decimal number else its whole number

         using namespace std;
         int main(){
                string s;
                bool flag=false;
                for(int i=0;s[i];i++){
                      cout<<"Decimal number";
                     count<<"Whole number";

mathematically 2.0 is decimal in cp is it considered as whole ? @mohittkkumar

see the number i have used has a β€˜1’ at 6th place after decimal. see the main function :slight_smile:

Yeah i saw and but i m asking simple in CP 2.0 will be treated as decimal or whole ? @sreesayi

Decimal … but the question he asked was whether the decimal has fraction part equal to 0 or not.

Then best method is input a number as string -
If β€˜.’ in string then it will be decimal otherwise whole.

If user consider 2.0 as whole then after β€˜.’ there must be only zeroes no other digit.

Take input as a string
if(any element after β€˜.’ is greater than one )
if(any no number after β€˜.’ (or) all elements after β€˜.’ are zeros)

This Might work:

  int main() 
   #define int long long int 
   long double n;
   if((long double)n==(int)n)cout<<"Whole"<<endl;
   else cout<<"Decimal"<<endl;

How about this ?

void tell(double n) {
    if(n == (int)n)
        cout << "whole";
        cout << "decimal";

That will suffice…

@sreesayi don’t pass the decimal to any function, just check with these two lines.

Yes,this code is working on the test case you mentioned before.

You can do this

          cout << "Whole" <<endl;
          cout << "Decimal" << endl; 

If the problem is to find if it’s a decimal number, then the best method is to take the input as a string.

If at some point in your implementation you want check if you have an integer or a floating point value, then I’m sorry but you have to try a different logic. Checking if n == (int) n or if floor(n) == ceil(n) will fail when the fractional part is so small, and it’s truncated and stored in the double as a pseudo integer.