How to delete a team for snackdown, if we have already registered ???

I have registered a team for SnackDown 2017 , now I had few doubts

  1. how can I modify the team …

  2. how can I delete team(so that others can take that username ) …

And of course I have tried to “Edit Team profile” option provided by codechef… but I was not able to modify anything…

Please help…


I think u can’t modify your team now,and if your team member has accepted your invitation then you certainly cannot.

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I suggest you to mail them at,

If you want immediate reply, then contact on their facebook page :

@admin is busy(it seems). You can mail him :


You can"t modify anything if you have registered once for snack down

The reason that Codechef has the settings of not deleting teams is probably because to not allow someone to ditch his team mate by not making team with him now.

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well , that is really bad. It would be really nice if codechef becomes more “user-friendly”, rather than being so strict …

moreover, I am still waiting for reply from OFFICIALS ( it will be good for everyone, if CodeChef Team reads this question and consider this request … )

Agree with you.

Send an email requesting deletion of team. They’ll delete it.

Hey, you can send the request of team deletion or edit to us at or to We will look into the issue and will help you with it.

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The team can be modified…

I have mailed more than 20 times , with gap of 2-3 days so that request can be proceeded in that time. But no use. Please delete the Team : FanOfRajatDay …

if you want screenshot of how many mails I have sent , I can provide .

(writting this , with all due respect to my team-mate,)

I completely dis-agree with you bro, Because “(L)” stands for leader in the team discription, and Leader should have that option to change the team member, because he is the one is leading the team…

we live in real-life, if one of the team-mate is not happy , then there is no point of keeping such team(I think you understand that). sooner or later, team will endup terribly…

@admin, Please help … now it’s just 7 days, Please sir, delete my team… I have mailed enough time,

or else, if there is certain threshold for number of mails , then atleast announce that threshold, i will mail that many times :expressionless:

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