How to delete my CodeChef user name / account

I would like to delete my CodeChef user name/ account, please let me about the same ?


We currently do not support the feature of deleting user accounts on CodeChef. Deleting a user disturbs the associations with various entities across the site. This feature is surely in our pipeline.


a lot of work has to be done


a feature supporting the change of " username " should surely be added !!!


I LOVE CODE CHEF!!! created by Directi “Intelligent People.Uncommon Ideas” . which give a great platform to improving programming skill for hardworking people. A heart felt thank you Directi.


“Intelligent People.Uncommon Ideas.”

The uncommon ideas of those intelligent people who doesn’t even have an idea of how to design database and eventually reached at a stage where they don’t even know how to deal with this problem because of stupid design of database. I really advise these intelligent people to go and learn database design principles first.

PS: Nevertheless I would like to add that the platform for problem solving is good.


If @shanemendez01 & @sheikh_razee want then I request codechef to delete their account because their comments are decreasing the reputation of codechef.


I made two account on codechef using the same email id . I want to delete one of those . Is this possible ?

What? Cant delete my account! That’s bullshit. I can’t accept this answer from CodeChef which aims to prepare next ACM-ICPC champions from among Indian students.

For, all the while I had been promoting CodeChef to so many people but now I am feeling bad after reading this answer.

PS: CodeChef uses SPOJ. SPOJ is the real innovator. Read below:

© 2009 Directi Group. All Rights Reserved. CodeChef uses SPOJ © by Sphere Research Labs

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I love CODECHEF. It has really helped me as a coder. But still the fact that CODECHEF doesn’t have a username changing option sucks.

P.S. I created my username as a joke but now i’m stuck with it. Not cool man . Not cool. Seriously add a username changing option man. Please.

Changing a database design it’s not that hard. You can create an special user nammed “user deleted” and link all posts and activity from deleted profiles to there.

Read more about foreign keys, and what to do on “on delete set 1569” (in this example “1569” is the ID of the special user.

I’m really ashamed at you. A programming tool made by people who doesn’t know how to delete profiles without break database design. You’re a shame for all programmers.

Click on your name, then choose Edit profile > privacy > and then at the bottom there is a link that says discontinue with you code chef, click it> and you get a page to discontinue your account, im not sure if it deletes the account but im gonna try it right now

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Ok, probably it is not perfect, but CodeChef is quite good. Do you have some idea what to make better?

You have to realize, that if you cannot solve a problem, it’s not CodeChef problem, it’s yours (and I’m not someone who solves 10 of 10 in long contest)…


you created this account just to say this though you might be well using codechef and trying hard to solve the problems with no success and that’s what makes you hate codechef?

PS: now you wont be able to delete this account!


Delete option for any member in any forum is not a good option, you know. What if you let someone use your account and they delete your account. That’s inconvenient. Joining CodeChef, though I only read answers from others, I found it very helpful :slight_smile:


We regret to say that this will not be possible.

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@shanemendez01 coming from the person whose city is “CODE CHEF IS GAY”… This time you’ve spent making an idiot out of yourself you could’ve been practicing or learning something useful.

You have to earn the right to criticize something and for what you’re showing here you seem to be miles away from that. If you were a little rational you would understand how great codechef is in so many ways…

Anyway thanks, I had a good laugh seeing your information in your profile as I’m sure others will do…


@shanemendez01 dude you’re pathetic :expressionless:


I love codechef, I think I have improved a lot as a programmer since joining it.

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