How to develop further?

Hi guys ! I am a fresher 1st year . I really enjoy doing competitive programming and wish to have some more good skills in my knowledge . I want some suggestions on how to proceed further . I know basics of programming till arrays and strings. I know C++ , C and have knowledge of Java . Please help me in what to do in the mere future.

Thanks in advance guys !

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You have knowledge about programming languages good
and now try to learn data structures and algorithms in depth start with hacker rank if you feel good in those websites and you can try to participate in code chef challenges. HAPPY CODING :slight_smile:

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Pick one language and master it focus on data-structures and algorithms.

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where can i master data struc and algo sir /mam ? I need some source for that . can you suggest few ? And are you there in hacker rank ? Because I begin my CP from there

You can visit geeksforgeeks and leetcode for practicing DSA


  1. Learn one language preferably C++ nicely i.e. from basics like loops etc to STL that will be really helpful. (SOURCE YOUTUBE)
  2. Don’t only see the videos, also practice STL and everything by solving standard and simple implementational problems first.
  3. Once you have mastered C++ then move to Data Structures and Algorithms part. Learn things topic wise and solve all the standard problems so that you can get a feel of the topic. E.G.: SAY YOU PICKED GREEDY, WATCH SOME VIDEO ON YOUTUBE TO UNDERSTAND THE TOPIC AND THEN SOLVE SOME EASY AND MEDIUM LEVEL PROBLEMS FROM GEEKS FOR GEEKS GREEDY PRACTISE SET(Practice | GeeksforGeeks | A computer science portal for geeks).
  4. Finish all the algorithms and Data Structures by following step no.3 by this you will be able to cover many standard problems and algorithms like Kadanes, Floyd’s cycle detection, sorting algorithms, binary search, etc as they are in the topic wise practice section of Geeks for Geeks.(I have solved only company tag questions in each section from geeks, that covers most of the standard things though you can solve more).
  5. Keep participating in contests, read other people approaches, read and implement editorials while practising as well as after the contests: OTHERWISE, YOUR KNOWLEDGE WILL REMAIN CONSTANT.

Hope this will help.

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