How to disable v-2 submission link while upsolving

Recently, in codechef, I am getting v-2 submission link which does not fit well on my zoom and I have to go back to old version everytime. How to keep old submission link as defaullt


Hey @adityagamer - sorry there isnt a default option to go to old version. Over the next month, the new version will become the default version.

Can you share a screenshot of what problem do you face on zoom - we’ll see if there is a way to fix it.

The issue with zoom is I set default zoom to 150% for codechef. The text becomes too large on this zoom

Please address the IDE’s too-small code area (vertically in the right part).

@r_ayush777 - you can change the width by dragging the separation line at the point i have shown. There is also a full screen button at top right.