How to do a startup, watch this competitive programmers!

Watch my fellow coders! You can also do a startup! You know to code, get rich!

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ketek[i] will build an AI DAW using this method, and we can do it using crowdcoding!!! Its just amazing!!! I am mindblown!!! What a technique! This is amazing! :smiley:


In startup, unicorn is billion dollar valuation. Its like red in startup context. A soonicorn is a million dollar valuation, and is like yellow/orange. Decacorn and centicorn are others. Here money is not important but the challenge is important, cause no one needs so much money. The knowledge of doing and which creates and inner peace is more important.

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What I learned in business is that, if you cannot do it yourself, then you will fail in leading others. The following read will give you a fair idea of why startups fail.

At first do it yourself, succeed at it at least once, yourself. Only then you can make others do it and scale it.

Whatever be it… if you doing marketing through content, then be a famous great content creator yourself. If you want to do direct sales, then you should be able to sell to that kind of prospects yourself first.

There are also levels in each, local, national and international. That is why a team is needed, that is equipped with product dev, sales and marketing wherein each member is at least national level. Also the team members should know each others work at least at the local level. So if a person knows product dev, then he should know sales and marketing. If a person knows marketing (nowadays its mostly through content) then he should also know sales and dev.

However, at the international level, teams are loosely tied, cause an actually international person doesn’t do startups, they mostly become contract workers, due to heavy pay and confidence that is legitimate. They are first in the world, in that thing.

I am mostly a product dev guy at the algorithms in local top level, and I know sales at local and marketing through content at local. Which means I am national level in all three. See? I haven’t grown to international at any one, and since I am aiming international, so I am not well established. I should focus on product dev, get international and meet others who knows sales and marketing at international level, then a unicorn startup is possible and also mostly doable.

A person in top rank in the national level, is international, he should be 1st and the best at some competitive product work, in his nation then he can represent his country at international. No need to be world top, then you cannot do startup, you will become contract worker like actors, rappers or freelance coders cause you will lose time and will have tendency to be self reliant, which is ok, but another mode of action.

Whether its competitive rap battles, or competitive programming or I don’t know what is competitive sales, he should be first in his country. I should reach red at the earliest, then team up with content creators and great sales funnel creators at international level.

This will give you a fair idea of why startups fail. Aiming higher than they can. If you first in your local area, a soonicorn. A million dollar startup should be your aim. If you nationally top, then a unicorn is possible. I won’t even think about decacorn or centicorn… they are just too much.

Becoming national top or international representator, requires two things, brute force action and specialisation on that thing. Example walking is brute force and running is specialisation. A top in the world will find his own way to run, he will be like a researcher. He will establish his own knowledge. It is not required by a startup team, in fact you will lose time and credibility if you try to reach there.

If you know brute force and basic algos and practice them well enough then you are national top or international. If you know selling and sales funnel then you are national top. If you know content creation and a specialization in that field of content then…

However, knowing is not enough, you should be able to practice it in real time env, example creation of metaphors and similes and multi-syllable rhymes in battle env, or algorithms in competitive prog matches. Don’t know much about sales, its the least developed in me.

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