how to find all subset of k length of an array?

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you can use bitwise operators. :slight_smile:

You can use a recursive algorithm. You can take 2 cases :
1.The element is included in the subset
2.The element is not included in the subset.

You can refer to this stackoverflow answer for further reference and logic

Just try and understand the logic and code on your own. The logic used is as follows:

The logic used is that the for each iteration the coder performs 2 recursive calls.

First he pushes the number into a stack(the number is a part of the subset) and is in the position say i. He then calls the function recursively to find the remaining i-1 numbers.

Then he pops the number from the answer stack (the number is not a part of the subset) and calls the function recursively again to find the remaining i elements.

Try to code with this logic.Refer to this Quora answer (though not exactly this question this is somewhat similar to this one and is in c++).

If possible I will try to provide a C++ solution later in the day.

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can you explain it because i don,t know about bitwise operator

i already seen this link but i m not comfortable in java please provide any c++ link

it will print subsets of all lengths, so before actually printing u need to check whether the number of “ON” bits is equal to k or not, if equal then only print.In addition to that it is faster then recursive algorithms cause you are operating with bitwise operations, without making any function calls.

thanks @mayank_r_b

Before opening this link :
try it yourself first. Happy coding :slight_smile: