How to get 7 star in Code Chef / Grandmaster in Codeforces in 5 months

Dear 5 to 7 star coders,

Myself from Non - CS background, with a mark of honesty in my words by watching some youtube videos and memorizing the technique used in frequently asked coding problems…

I was able to bang SDE intern in Boeing, but my dream was to get an intern in one of the FAANG companies - (not capable of solving the level of coding problems asked)

Now I have only 5 months left for my placement, I would like to become 7 star / 2 digit rank in kickstart (current rank in 2700).

Now you might have some idea of what level of coding knowledge I have.

I request you to give me a some kind of schedule for 5 months, like
What lvl of prob I should practice, From where to practice, How many codes in a month…

Thanking you
Daaris King

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