How to get referral code

Actually i dont know anything regarding job apply or getting referral and how people know that is there any contest related to coding interview :
can someone elaborate
Thanks in advance:

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Hey @sriniwaspiyush, hope you’re doing great in these tough times.

Getting a job, or a referral is not a one day process, rather a continuous one. First let us talk about the difference between applying for a job and getting a referral.


Applying for a job simply means, submitting your resume and other personal details in the respected companies job portals. For ex : GOOGLE, AMAZON.
You can go to those portals, apply for the available jobs and expect a reply from them. This usually takes about a month, and it is considered hard to get a call from the company if you apply through portal, as millions of people along with you will also be applying. So that’s where the talk of referral comes in.


Getting a referral is completely different from the previous one. In order to get a referral you should know someone who is working in that company ( you can use, LinkedIn to get in touch with professionals).

That person should know you and your skills quite enough, and must have seen or acknowledged your works (say the projects you’ve made). You can send him / her your resume and the projects. If they’re interested in your works and skills , they would refer you to their HR manager, and you’ll get a call from the company’s HR team and be able to land in an interview.

If in case they’re not interested in your works, they may suggest you what you should do or add in your portfolio to be able to get a referral from them.

NOTE : There is no guarantee that you’ll get a referral from a person, because the professionals would be really busy to take a look at your works and help you land in an interview. But if that person refers you to their company, there is high chance, that you’ll end up getting a call from them. Referral is just a shortcut, to sort your name out of the crowd.

Hope you’ll end up in a great firm. My best wishes :smiley: and happy coding!


Find the openings of any company on their careers portal. There will be a Job Id mentioned there. If not, the link to that opening would also work. Let’s say you want a referral for that position. Go to Linkedin, find people who are currently working on the company, and ask them for a referral for that Job Id/(link for the opening in careers page). Once they give you a referral, you would likely receive a mail for further steps of your application.

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Thanks for replying surely i will look into it