How to get stars !?

Hi there,
I am new to this codechef platform and have just started the practice sections. I was curious to know how this star and rating system works in simple language. How can I achieve my first star as a coder.?

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@himanshukumar You get stars from participating in contests which are generally held every week on Wednesdays. The higher the rating the more stats on your profile.

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Actively participate in the Contest held every Wednesday. Initially, it takes time but one day your hard work will be paid off.


Easy: just participate in contests every Wednesday. As you solve questions in the contest, your rating will start to increase along with the stars. For the first 5 rated contests, your rating will be a provisional rating.

@himanshukumar You need to participate in contests. As you achieve a good or high rating, you will earn a star.

For getting stars you need to complete contest problems.