How to get started into Competitive Programming

There are millions of users joining Yearly who are confused on
how to get started to and then to Competitive so here is step by step procedure from me

*1.Learn a Language(C or C++ recommended but others good too)

2.Start practicing basic skills by solving problems of Easy section from the Practice page of starting from the problem    which is solved by most people to least

3.After solving atleast 10-15 problems from Easy sections move on to others sections and see if you can solve any of    them(don’t worry if you can’t understand or solve them)

4.Start studying different Data Structures & Algorithms

5.Start participating in Monthly contests namely Long Challenge,Cook-Offs & Lunctime*

Resources to browse from




*1.Algorithms by S. Dasgupta, C. H. Papadimitriou, and U. V. Vazirani

2.Competitive 3 by Steven and Felix Halim*

Other sites






Hope the beginners find it useful

Happy Coding


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Some other resources:

  1. Topcoder Tutorials

  2. Codechef Tutorials

  3. List of Important Data Structures and Algorithms with their Tutorials and Sample problems

  4. Another list of Algorithms

  5. GeeksforGeeks

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I think this link is helpful for us.

In this video we will Discuss about What is Competitive Programming? How to get Started With Competitive Programming? What’s advantages of Competitive programming? Where to Start? What are the approaches needed to take? Codeforces : CodeChef : Hackerrank : Topcoder :