How to get started?

Hi guys!

I wish to start studying algorthims and it’s differents ways of solutions. What I’ve heard is that there are some problems that can only be solved using binary searches, some others do dinamical programming and many many other ways to solve many differents problems. So I would like to know Where do I start? I just know the basics, like loops and conditionals, but I don’t know how to start “eating” the real deal of algorhitms.

Every answer will be appreciated, and any help will be very very useful!

Thanks and sorry for my bad english!


Welcome to the world of programming where learning becomes a Habit
You can use the following link to begin with.It contains the list of important algorithms with problem links and implementations.Hope this Helps :slight_smile:
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I say don’t get started on binary searches, DP yet. Go to the easy practice section and start doing the problems from bottom. First try it yourself.

Getting started with algorithms will not help if you don’t understand the need of algorithms in the first place. Once you are stuck with any problem see its tags at the end. It will show the required algorithm(hopefully). Then learn about the algorithm. Again implement it. Still cannot solve? post it in the forum. Help will always be given :P.

You should try doing the easy problems in PRACTICE.

Click on Successful submissions to sort it and try the problem with the most successful submissions ( if I’m correct, that problem should be "Life, the Universe, and Everything " .

Try it and if you can’t solve it ask for help. There are many people on code chef who will be willing to help you. You will need to try and solve as many problems as you can as what you need the most to be able to learn programming is practice. Once you try many problems, you will get the hang of it, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Clear your doubts as much as you can. So Good Luck… :slight_smile:

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@owner92 as i am beginner to i will suggest you to look at this website ie Mycodeschool hope you find it useful.

This book was very useful to me:

Similarly you should practice problems from SPOJ in this sequence.
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