How to handle TLE in Java and C++?

Please tell me How to handle TLE in Java and C++
Thank you in advance

@iamtheone_kool - You can check this out - Why do I get a Time Limit Exceeded? - #2 by admin.
If you are getting TLE → in most cases you need to reduce the complexity of your code. For example → you are running a loop within a loop → but the constraints mean that you will have to find an approach where a single loop suffices. This is problem specific → check out ‘Other Users’ submissions’ to understand how other users got an AC.

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hmm, thanks, this post by the admin was great thanks :slight_smile:

there are some things to consider when using Java.

Input reading with standard libraries can be so slow that it may cause a TLE. Using some kind of custom Scanner class is a must.

sorting arrays of primitive types will be done viá Quicksort in Java. Quicksort has a worst case of O(n²), this is too slow for many problems. Forcing Java to use Mergesort instead is another must.