how to host website on alibaba cloud?

I am very new to API and cloud hosting.I want to know the flow how can i complete this hackathon.
The idea that I have till now is -

  1. Make app on local machine
  2. host on alibaba cloud
  3. register on codechef API
  4. test the app using user data using codechef API.
    is this the correct way to do?

Following are the changes I am suggesting in the steps you’ve mentioned:

  1. Read thoroughly about “How to start” documentation given on this page:
  2. Create a test app, and start testing CodeChef APIs using console that is provided.
  3. Once you’ve tested the APIs and have come up with an idea, you can start building app on your local machine using whichever web language and/or framework you like.
  4. At the same time you can apply for getting Alibaba cloud resource from the email that was sent to you on behalf of codechef after registering on the contest.
  5. Start an Alibaba elastic compute cloud instance, do security settings and add you code.You can also point it to a domain of you choice. You can read more about it using these links:
    Prerequisites for hackathon - alibabacloud - CodeChef Discuss
    How do I use the Alibaba Cloud Resources? - alibabacloud - CodeChef Discuss
    Help on alibaba cloud - alibabacloud - CodeChef Discuss

There are many other questions present on this forum which can help you. If you still have some doubts, you can always comeback and ask here.