How to improve fast?

Could someone suggest me a roadmap please? I am more or less a noob at the moment, just can do adhoc problems and basic algorithms.

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In short “Participate in all contest. Read editorials. Upsolve.”


I generally read topics and solve problems under that tag. I nearly finished many topics. But it seems I am not advancing that much from some time.
After reading editorial do you solve that problem completely (Sometimes I just read it and don’t solve it). I am feeling like I am stuck at one point from some time.


Many times “Yes”.

For begineer this is enough. I generally answer all begineers with this single sentence. If they ask anything else I say how this is hidden in this single sentence.

Key rules to improve further is -
First switch to codeforces+atcoder (You can do this in starting/ after gaining some experience here. Your choice.)
Always try to solve problems above your level.
CF has a problem rating. I generally recommend solved problems of rating 200 more than your present rating.
I recommend beginners to solve some problems randomly in their starting phase.
Later how can follow some list or contests and try to upsolve. E.g. -
CF educational rounds :heart: or A2oj ladders or Mostafa Saad’s sheet to solve increase level up to CF Div2D problems or Atcoder Begineer Contest (Don’t judge by “Beginner” in the name. I many times fail to solve the last problem.)
CF also has virtual contests feature.
If you google how to improve further you can find many blogs on CF (There are 2-3 blogs on CF by E869120).
Just keep a watch on discuss forums. You will discover many more tricks.


i have done it, what to do after this?
Please help?
should i solve Es… or Fs…
how can i start for cf - div1

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The more we learn, the more we improve.
Participate actively in the discussions.
Put up your doubts.
Read as much as you can.
The more knowledge you’ll gain, the more you will improve.
Apart from this analyse your growth, how much you have learnt.
Analyse on the daily basis what new you gained.

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  1. I have very strong reasons to assume you never opened that sheet.
  2. I dont talk to anonymous person/alts.
  3. I know who you are :wink:

Thanks for such nice explanation

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You are !completely right, i am at last d1 (cn u plz ans nw),
If you know me, then how i am anonymous to you? :japanese_ogre:

No, I won’t.


Open that sheet once.

Big Zero fks given to that. Noobs can very easily become Div1 by just solving long challenges. I know/seen many noobs in div1.

IMHO, CF rating is better an estimate of one’s skill.

Instead of wasting time trolling me here. Invest that time in solving problems I assure you reward is sweet.


Never try to troll me. Else you will get trolled.

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Here is my BIG Why?

YEAH, but what can we do, it same for all and in my opinion it is good for noobs as there is an hidden motivation in increasing the rankings (actually it depends person to person too).


what is alts? i googled it, but does not get it.