How to improve in Competitive Programming with PROVEN STEPS

Hello Everyone.

Almost everyone gets this question at least once while practicing CP,“how do I improve in CP?”.

I asked a lot of people who had high ratings about what worked for them and how did they get this far and after understanding a lot, I made it in 3 simple steps in a small video.

Credit, where Credit is Due :All my friends and seniors who have all colors of rating(except RedBlack).


Bonus: Well what I found is that almost everyone who is good at CP, enjoys it(maybe exceptions) but you cannot be too dedicated at something if you don’t really enjoy it and the place I am at, around 70-80% people do CP because they “have” to not because they like it. So I’d say it’s not worth getting this frustrated at something if you don’t enjoy it or at least are starting to enjoy it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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