How to increase CodeChef rating

hey, everyone, I am doing competitive programming on CodeChef since 2020 but still, I am unable to do good in cp. I am still a 2-star coder on CodeChef my rating fluctuates 1 star to 2 stars .how can I increase my rating?

Try targeting a specific contest, say starters, now for the next 15 days solve only prev starters contest, in these 15 days don’t give any other contest, repeat this with cookoff, lunchtime, etc until you get your desired rating

All the best!
Keep coding, don’t give up

Hi @saurabh_119072

Practice maketh a man perfect

Hone your skills by practising on the practice page. Keep trying your hand at the rated contests that happen every month. If you’re still finding it difficult, we urge you to take part in one of our learning camps.

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