How to increase stars?

Hey everyone i have started solving problems in codechef but i am not getting any star and i don’t know how to get star , currently i have 0 stars.Can someone please tell me how can i get star???

while (stars < required_stars) {
     stars++ ;

I have solved many problems but i am not even getting a single star.??? Just tell me how can i get just 1 star please!!!

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You might be solving the questins of same difficulty level
also you might not be learning new algorithms
Learn new algoritms .
If you are able to solve question of 800 difficulty try to solve with difficulty 1000-1100
Try A2OJ ladder

Keep one thing in mind you cannot conquer cp in just 5-6 months it takes lot of time
as there are lot of things to learn .
just be consistent .


Participate in Contests to increase your Rating (get stars). You can start with today’s Lunchtime.


Hi @rishabhkholiya, You get an official rating + star level after you compete in an official contest.
For Example LunchTime, Long, Cookoff or Starters, Sometimes there are rated contest conducted by some institutions too.

You can know more about the Rated Contests here: Contests


Oh i think this is appropriate ans for his question
I took in wrong way .

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Hey Guys i am wondering i am new to programming so still should i participate in all those coding contests? Is it going to be beneficial??What if i am not able to solve any of those problems??

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I think learning matter more than earning stars. Still stars give you joy and happiness



Participation: It totally depends on you, Whenever you are confident and comfortable enough to try a contest you should give it a try, But as a beginner you should try long challenge first it will certainly help you a lot.

Is it beneficial: Yes it really is, Every time you are facing a new challenge you are learning something new in my opinion, If you wanna excel you have to keep practicing, Participating in a contest gives you a reality check on how much you have improved and it helps you to implement what you have learned in a limited amount of time among competitors of various level.

What if i am not able to solve any of those problems: Not every battle is fought for victory, You will face situations where you won’t be able to solve even a single question. In that case you should not be disheartened instead practice harder. Participate to learn, the stars and scores will follow along.


start participating in the rating events
You will find information about them on the home page of codechef

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First U have to participate in rate contest like long Challenges,Lunchtime(which is today),nd the last one is cookoff.Keep Hustling bro :imp:

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before doing CP.
first go to the leetcode site and make good grasp on data structure and algorithm.
do at least 20-25(10-easy or 15-medium) question of each topic and learn efficient use of STL .
then you feel more confident while solving CP problem.
otherwise you will be irritated in CP.
you can refer some youtube guide.

  1. How to start Competitive Programming? For beginners! - YouTube

i have a ques. that my rating decreasing.
may i know the reason and how to increase rating…??

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It depends upon your rank in rated contests. If you submitted at least 1 solution (correct or wrong doesn’t matter) you got registered in the rank list and then reward or penalty will we awarded on the basis of that rank.

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how much time did you take to get 5 stars
and is my stars can decrease if i not participate

Stars won’t decrease until you participate in a rated contest. Participating here means making at least one submission during contest even if its wrong.

don’t follow people who are candidate master without having an account on codeforces


#TIP 1’ -USE BIG NOTEBOOK(BLANK A4 size notebook ) AND A PEN ->First impelmnet things on notebook.write few test cases and observe the pattern.

#SPEED +ACCURACTE CODE+LEARNING :To imrove speed and accuracy keep solving codeforces problem set …You will notice a box on the right side just select a difficultly level like 1200-1300…or Codeforces A B C which is just above yours now .They donot requre any data structure .Set it in decreaseing order of submisioon …Keep solving it after that your speed and accuracy will imrove.and you will see the majic within 1 month. YOU ONLY REQUIRE BINARY SEARCH ,ARRAY ,2POINTER METHOD,SLIDING WINDOW ,XOR ,MAPS,questions are based on arrays…to imrove rating especilly if you wnt to come in div 2.These problem set A B C contain these only.

#TUTORIAL ON XOR /BIWISE : L00 : Course Overview | Bit Manipulation - YouTube
THIS WILL Remove all FEAR FROM XOR/Biwise PROBLEMS IF YOU HAVE…Learn the properties of XOR…

#Learn Unordered map ,It helps a lot during contest in keeping track of frequency ,sometimes direct questions come on it …

#ALways upsolve the questions after contest.
#USE YOUTUBE :Youtube has eveything ,search codeforces .codechef problems solution on youtube .Especially codeforces has almost all the solution of Problems on youtube.If you donot understand the editorial diretly serach the problem on youtube.

->After seeing and undertanding the solution :implemnet the solution by your own without seeing it again .Never say that aree yarr samjh to gaya solution dekh liye ab aage jatein hain … Break the mental barrier by writing solution code by your own after seeing the editorial /solution .


#Never leave #short contest on codechef.Cahe jo ho jaye.Excuses sounds best for the person who is making them up.Your mind will play mind games that you are not prepared for the contest.Donot listein to your mind just give the short contest codechef.

#Never try to memorize the solution .

#Never Cheat – #Never Cheat – #Never Cheat-- #Never Cheat-- #Never Cheat – #Never Cheat----


Yes this is very important … as u will not gain any thing from cheating as at the end of the day u can’t say to the interviewer that i don’t know how to solve this question but i have 5 stars at codechef …all that matters is ur knowledge which u will only gain if u r honest to ur self …
Best of luck for your journey … :+1:

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