How to lose fear of losing rating while participating in contests

Hello, im a recent 3 starer at codechef, it took me about 3 months to get into 3 stars (yes im a noob) from div3, now there is a new fear arising in me thinking div2 problems are way harder than div3 and what if i dont perform well in contests and get demoted back to div3. Any tips on overcoming this fear is highly appreciated.

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Hi @hruday_tej, I think I was also a victim of this fear and there was a time I didn’t give any contest since 1.5 or 2 months. I am also a newbie so I can understand what you exactly feel. But now I think what am I doing in codechef? Am I here just to think about whether I stand in 1400 rating or 1700 rating? I think we have a bigger problem to deal with that is we have to master it (at least I believe that for myself). I have to learn new concepts, but is the theory enough? Not for me! I have to implement those stuffs in exam pressure what the contest gives us. If I don’t give contest, I can’t understand what I should learn next and in how much depth that the concept strikes me and I can implement it within 30-40 mins or may be less. So I don’t care about these rating right now because 2 or 3 star rating won’t effect my resume that much either. And when I reach 5-6 star, this graph, this downfall will not be a regret, that will be a proud moment that “THOUGH I FAILED, I DIDN’T GIVE UP”. :slight_smile: Hope this helps. All the best, mate.


Watch me go down from 4star to 3star after today’s contest.
Then probably you wont feel down

Think about it in a positive way! If you rating fell down way too much (due to some silly mistakes), then, it’s gonna rise up very much in next 1-2 contests because it’s easier to gain rating from low rated account :slight_smile: Same story happened with me many times, lol I switched from 6 stars to 4 stars :stuck_out_tongue: due to bad luck

well said :clap: