How to manage timing for UPSOLVING Problems in CP?

Hi Coders,
I am a 2* coder at Codechef and also I am participating in Codeforces div-2 and div-3 Contest.
I work for a private firm as well.
I hardly get time to upsolve the problems that I couldnot solve during the contest.

It would be a great help if someone can shed some light how to tackle this issue and shall I stop taking part in these frequent contest and and only take part in selected contest.?


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I know its tough, but the best I can think is, you have to dedicate some 1-2 hrs for practising on non-contest days. Also dedicate your Saturday Sunday too. Practise topic wise. Like start with greedy, then move on to some other topic. In this way, you will improve too

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I guess limit the number of contests you attend? because participating in 1 contest + up-solving > participating in 3 contests


@ashish_kaur , @vai53 Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions.